Nature-based health resources

Looking for some of the articles or research studies mentioned in session or on @naturepsyd? You’ve come to the right place!

American Psychological Association: Nurtured by Nature

Greater Good Science Center: What happens when we reconnect with nature

The Guardian: Blue spaces and happiness

Outside: How nature helped me recover from an eating disorder

National Institute for Mental Health: Seasonal affective disorder

Greater Good Science Center: Happiness nature prescriptions

CBS News: How nature can be therapy for kids

Berkley News: Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for nature

Audubon Society: Birding with Benefits

NPR: ‘Black Nature:’ Poems of Promise & Survival

Greater Good Science Center: Noticing nature exercise

Outdoor daylight exposure and well-being – Korman et al. (2021)

The effect of nature sounds – Van Hedger et al. (2019)

Multisensory, nature-based recharge rooms – Putrino et al (2020)

Hope, health, and the climate crisis – Frumkin (2022)